Support for Camino is largely dependent on the voluntary efforts of the developers and users. We welcome questions and feedback, please be understanding if we can't solve all problems or respond right away.

1.  Support resources

The first place to get help is the documentation and tutorials on this site.

1.1  Documentation

  • Tutorials and command manual pages can be accessed through the links on the left side of this page.
  • File format information is listed under the Technical Documentation link. Two of the most common questions are how to import data to Camino and how to use scheme files.
  • See the FAQ for more pointers on how to diagnose and solve common problems.

1.2  Example data

  • The DTI tutorial contains an example data set you can use to test Camino commands and provide reproducible examples of any bugs.

1.3  Mailing List

You can subscribe / unsubscribe to the Camino users mailing list at NITRC:

New features, bug fixes and other important changes will also be announced to this list. Only subscribers may post to the list, please join before posting.

Emails sent to the list go to the developers and users of Camino. We welcome participation from users so please feel free to join in discussion and offer feedback to the developers.

Support via the mailing list

If the documentation links above don't answer your question, you can try asking the users list. It's possible that a similar question has been asked and answered before, and can be found in the list archives.

  • Checking the list archives

To search in Google, do something like this:

    tractography site:
  • When mailing the list, please be specific

Terminology is often confusing because there are often a variety of approaches, things like "connectivity segmentation" can refer to many algorithms. "Connectivity segmentation as proposed by Behrens et al, MRM 2003 doi:10.1002/mrm.10609" is much more specific, and helps us understand what you're trying to do.

If you are encountering errors, please provide as much information as possible. Ideally, reproduce your problem using the Camino example data, or other easily accessible public data, and send us the code to do the same. If that is not possible, please at a minimum include:

  • The the version of Camino you are running. If you download a zip file from Sourceforge, just copy and paste the file name, we can look up the version from that. If you use git, the commit hash can be found using git log.
  • The exact commands that produce the problem.
  • The scheme file, many problems originate here and with this we can synthesize data if needed.
  • Any error messages that result.

Please avoid sending attachments but feel free to send links to data or images that might help diagnose the problem.

1.4  Contacting the developers directly

If you need to contact the development team directly, email camino |at|