Camino Download

Nightly release

Click here to download the latest release

This link updates nightly if the latest version of the code compiles and tests successfully. Links to supporting tools for Camino can be found via the Related Links page.

Git Access

You can use git to access the latest version of Camino. Camino is now hosted at SourceForge. Use the command:

git clone git:// camino

You will need a git client to do this. Downloads for Linux, Mac, Windows, and Solaris can be found here:

Updating Camino

When updating Camino by downloading a new archive, start from a clean installation. If you want to keep your old copy, move it to another directory, for example, if you have version 1011, move it to

mv camino camino_r1011

Then download and build the new version.

If you are updating via git, you should clean up the old class files and recompile.

git pull
make clean