UCL Camino Diffusion MRI Toolkit

Camino is an open-source software toolkit for diffusion MRI processing. The toolkit implements standard techniques, such as diffusion tensor fitting, mapping fractional anisotropy and mean diffusivity, deterministic and probabilistic tractography. It also contains more specialized and cutting-edge techniques, such as Monte-Carlo diffusion simulation, multi-fibre and HARDI reconstruction techniques, multi-fibre PICo, compartment models, and axon density and diameter estimation.

Camino has a modular design to enable construction of processing pipelines that include modules from other software packages. The toolkit is primarily designed for unix platforms and structured to enable simple scripting of processing pipelines for batch processing. Most users use linux, MacOS or a unix emulator like cygwin running under windows. However, the core code is written in Java and thus is simple to call from other platforms and programming environments, such as matlab running under unix or windows.

The microstructure imaging group at UCL lead development and maintenance of the toolkit. The PICSL group at the University of Pennsylvania also contribute heavily, as have Geoff Parker and colleagues at the University of Manchester. Many of the specialist modules arise from the research of the MIG and collaborating groups. However, the toolkit also includes implementations of many other techniques in the literature that we have found useful.

We hope you find Camino useful. We welcome any feedback, contributions or suggestions for additions to the toolkit.

Camino is distributed under the Artistic License 2.0. The full text of the license is here.

If you use Camino in your research, please include the appropriate citations from the citations page.